Why People Ignore Road Rules

Why do people choose to ignore road rules?

Stop at a stop sign, don’t speed, indicate for lane changes or when turning. These are some road rules that we know, yet we choose to ignore them. Why? Are we choosing to deliberately break road rules, getting lazy, or something else?

Humans naturally have a desire to conform to what they see others doing, even if it goes against what they know is normal, or right. Don’t believe us, watch this video below.

So one reason for speeding, not stopping, or failing to indicate may be related to our desire to conform with the masses. A kind of monkey-see, monkey-do mind-set, but what if one person was to take the lead and show people the way to do things? Watch this next video.

After watching these two videos we hope that you’ll think a little more about what you should be doing when driving and not be afraid to be doing something different to everyone else. Listen and remember what your Force Driving School driving instructor has taught you and lead the way by setting a good example for the rest to follow.

See a list of road rules that would fail you on a test, or maybe even book a refresher lesson with an instructor.

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