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Once the booking app loads below;

  1. Select the hub closest to your suburb
  2. Choose the category
  3. Select the service you would like
  4. Choose your instructor for your area
  5. Pick a day and time that suits you

The app will display our most up-to-date calendars and let you pick a time.

If you ‘pay online‘, your appointment will be automatically confirmed. If you choose to ‘pay in cash‘ we will need to manually approve the appointment, after which you will receive a confirmation email. If any changes need to be made, we will be in contact as soon as possible.

If you have already purchased a lesson pack and are now wishing to book a subsequent lesson, included in that pack. You can either choose the “Lesson Pack” category followed by the “Prepaid 80Min Lesson”


To make things easier for you, click here to go our Prepaid Lessons Booking Page.

If you would like to book a VORT test in your own car, click here


If you would like to use an instructors’ vehicle for your VORT, click here.

Any VORT request must give at least 5 business days notice when submitting an online request. As we wish to avoid disappointment please ensure that this time frame is adhered to, then we can ensure that all monies are paid and desired times can be accepted by the DPTI (regulatory body that we must book with). Please note that we can not guarantee all times requested for VORT tests will be available as the examiners are not Force Driving School employees, they are independent from our company. If your requested time is not available, we will work to ensure we get the soonest available time that suits you.

Any lesson payments are made in person in either cash, card, or via bank transfer.

Thank you.