Prep Test


Meet at the Firle Shopping Centre car park on the corner of Glynburn Rd and Margaret St.

Cost: $95

Why take a ‘Prep Test’?

Driving instructors should always be working for the best interests of their students, making them the safest, most competent drivers on our roads. However in Australia there is a stigma that driving is easy and failing an on road test is just not possible.

Too many people rush into tests thinking “this will be a breeze!” But when they fail, they think the examiner has done them wrong, or scammed them in some way.

For the last 5 years we have had lists of common faults and immediate fail items up for display on our website, yet many people have either not seen them, chosen to ignore them, or have still underestimated the expectations of a VORT test. We want this to change, which is why we are challenging students (either learners going for their P’s, or overseas licence conversion students) to take Bryan’s ‘Prep Test’ before they book their VORT.

Bryan does not disillusion any of his students that have taken one of these tests in the 6 years he’s been a driving instructor.

This test is harder than the VORT test

Students need to ensure that the examiner has no choice but to say ‘Yes’ they have demonstrated the correct sequences and behaviours. If the examiner can’t say ‘Yes’ it was demonstrated correctly, or if he’s even thinking ‘maybe it was done right’, then he will mark the student down as a fault. In these 6 years that Bryan has been preparing students for their VORT tests, not a single person has managed to pass this ‘Prep Test’! So the question is, what does it take to pass this test? The answer to that is simple…

Don’t break a single road rule!

There is no percentage you must attain to pass, just simply don’t break a road rule. (NOTE: He has had many students pass the VORT test even though they have failed this test)

However the purpose of this ‘Prep Test’ is not to fail students, but rather to show them their strengths and weaknesses. What are they doing well, what do they need to practice more of? It gives students a much clearer idea of what is expected of them and mentally prepares them for the test. Bryan also does not just sit next to you and give you directions. He may also talk to you, ask you questions to test your knowledge, or even try to trick you (while still keeping you in a controlled and safe environment). You may be in a car that is quiet and a bit nerve racking, or the radio may be on creating a relaxed atmosphere. One thing for sure is that no two ‘Prep Tests’ are the same. They are tailored to discover each students’ driving abilities and weaknesses. This is also a learning opportunity for each student, so if any skills need to be trained during this session or in future lessons, they can be.

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Terms and Conditions

The ‘Prep Test’ duration is for an 80 minute session at a cost of $95 per session, irrespective of whose vehicle is used (customer car or Force Driving School car).

Tests will start at the Firle Shopping Centre car park, corner of Glynburn Road and Margaret St. Enter from Margaret St and park in the second row on the left. Alternate meeting locations will be considered on a case by case basis (additional charges may apply).

Only one ‘Prep Test’ may be undertaken per individual unless additional training from a Force Driving School instructor has been performed. A minimum of 5 lessons from a Force Driving School Instructor must be taken prior to a second ‘Prep Test’ being arranged.

Should a student pass a ‘Prep Test’, that student will be awarded a VORT test with a Force Driving School examiner at no charge, to be used within 2 months of the ‘Prep Test’ date. Failure to request a VORT test within this 2 month period will forfeit the free test. Once an awarded VORT test has been booked, it can not be rescheduled or cancelled, doing so will forfeit the free VORT test. Free VORT tests are non-transferrable and must be used by the person that passed the ‘Prep Test’.

It is the responsibility of the licence owner to ensure that their licence remains valid. Force Driving School will not accept any responsibility for tests being declined due to expired licences.