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Hierarchy of Give Way

Driving instructors see this every day in their lessons with learner drivers that are unsure about the guidelines for who to give way to. So we’ve provided you with a simple mnemonic that will help to remember. “STEG”

S – Signs Lines and Traffic Lights
Whatever they say, you obey.
T – Terminating Road
The vehicle coming out of a terminating road must give way to all other traffic on the continuing road.
E – Exact Opposite
When two vehicles are driving towards one another, the vehicle that is turning across oncoming traffic must give way.
G – Give Way to Your Right
If the previous instances don’t apply, then give way to your right.
If you’re stuck and not sure who gives way in a particular situation, always start from the first letter “S” and work your way down to “G”, stopping once the description matches your situation.