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Immediate Fail Items

Immediate Fail Items

Here is a list of common road law breaches that result in an immediate fail:

Moving off from the kerb:

  • Failing to signal for five seconds when moving off from a stationary postion

Stop signs:

  • Failing to stop
  • Failing to stop behind the stop line

Straddling the lane lines:

  • Moving across a lane line (even just a little bit) without signaling/signaling long enough and giving way to traffic in the other lane
  • When changing lanes
  • When moving around parked cars on a laned road

Exceeds speed limits by any amount including:

  • School zones where children present
  • Roadworks

Safety margins:

  • Getting too close to any object for the speed of the vehicle
  • Tailgating
  • Passing parked cars closer than 1.2m when driving at 50-60 km/h
  • Passing a bicycle closer than 1m when driving under 60km/h (1.5m over 60km/h)

Obstruction/give way:

Causing another vehicle to slow or change direction when it has the right of way when;

  • Changing lanes
  • Entering a busy road
  • Turning right from a busy road or a traffic light intersection

Disobeying traffic lights, signs and road markings:

  • Failing to give way at a give way sign
  • Failing to stop behind the stop line
  • Failing to proceed at a green light (including a green arrow)
  • Mounting a kerb or traffic island


  • Failing to signal when turning
  • Failing to indicate when leaving a roundabout

Failing to comply with reasonable direction:

  • When asked to do a low speed manoeuvre, given a reasonable amount of time and distance to demonstrate it
  • Ignoring directions repeatedly

Driving in a manner dangerous or driving with undue care and attention:

  • Use your imagination here

Intervention by the examiner:

Verbally or physically to:

  • Prevent a collision
  • Prevent a dangerous situation occurring
  • Gain control of the car
  • Prevent a continuing traffic offence
  • Prevent confusion to other road users (often due to giving way unnecessarily)
  • Assist in operating the car controls (e.g. demisters, wipers)