Our Instructors

Driving instructors that work with Force Driving School are dedicated to creating safer, smarter road users in a comfortable and safe learning environment.

Every driving instructor in the industry must:

  • Have Police clearances
  • Be screened and background checked
  • Adhere to the Child Safe Policy and Procedures

But some unwanted individuals can still creep through the cracks, and because of this;

All of our driving instructors:

  • Maintain/Aim for standards that exceed industry norms
  • Participate in ongoing training and development
  • Maintain clear records for each students’ development

Force Driving School Instructors

FDS Driving Instructor

Bryan is the owner of Force Driving School and has been a licenced driving instructor since 2012. Before teaching people behind the wheel of a car, he was teaching students in schools as a qualified teacher. >> read more <<

Independent Instructors


Sam has been working with Force Driving School since 2014 and is very passionate about passing on his knowledge and skills in safe driving to learner drivers. He loves meeting and teaching new people and is excited at every opportunity to adapt his teaching to meet the needs and learning style(s) of his students.


Arthur has worked with Force Driving School since 2015 and been a driving instructor for the better part of a decade and is motivated to train learner drivers through the competency based training method.


Emma is a female driving instructor that has worked part-time with Force Driving School since 2016 and is keen to train students in the north-eastern suburbs near Tea Tree Plaza. 


Steve has worked with Force Driving School since 2016 and specialises in training people to become safer drivers and pass a VORT easier.

Independent Examiners

David H
David F

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