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Terms of Service

Before submitting any form, please read over these items. Please make yourself familiar with our cancellation policy and fees before making any booking (on-line and phone bookings) with Force Driving School. Force Driving School will review any VORT or lesson booking request and contact customers with confirmation or alterations to any booking request(s). Force Driving School does not guarantee that requested times will be available for VORT(s) or Lesson(s).


For any lessons or tests you, the student, acknowledge that in the 24 hours before your appointment you have not;

  1. Consumed any alcohol
  2. Consumed any drugs (including over the counter drugs – that may make you drowsy or that advise not to operate heavy machinery)
  3. Experienced any medical events that would exclude you from driving

Should any of the above points be true, then the lesson will be treated as a no show.

What you must bring to your lesson:

  1. Drivers’ licence
  2. For overseas licence conversion students, please ensure you bring your A4 theory pass sheet and passport too
  3. Appropriate footwear – enclosed shoes such as sneakers or ballot flats, no thongs or crocs

VORT Tests

All VORT requests will require the full amount to be paid to Force Driving School prior to any final bookings. If this fee is not paid, Force Driving School will not book the test in. Any test that is cancelled/rescheduled will forfeit a portion of the booking fee, equal to the amount normally requested as a deposit ($100) and any processing fees. Anyone that chooses to use their own car acknowledges that their car is roadworthy. Should a vehicle be found to be not roadworthy, the test will not be able to go ahead and the student will forfeit their test fee in full. Elements of a vehicle that is checked includes (but may not be limited to);

  1. Tyres – must have sufficient legal tread across the whole tyre
  2. Brake Lights – ALL brake lights must be functional (left, right and centre)
  3. Indicators – must function correctly
  4. Seat Belts – must function correctly and be in good condition (not frayed or ripped)
  5. Registration – vehicle must be registered

Cancellation Policy

Force Driving School offers high quality, excellent value driving lessons for the benefit of our valued customers. To ensure we retain these affordable prices and keep our valued instructors happy, we have to keep them busy with work. Lessons cancelled less than 48 hours prior to a booking directly affects the livelihood of our instructors and is generally unable to be replaced by another lesson, so our cancellation policy is designed to protect our valued instructors. Force Driving School may request that online booking requests be paid upfront if considerable risk of cancellation is apparent, prior to confirmation of booking. Force Driving School reserves the right to charge cancellation fees by either;

  • mailing an invoice due within 14 days of mailing
  • by applying additional fees to subsequent lessons
  • by requesting students to pay up front for additional lessons; or
  • by deducting from the number of remaining pre-paid lessons.

Cancellation Fees

  • Not showing for your lesson without notice will attract a cancellation fee equal to the total value of the cancelled lesson. Clients with pre-paid lessons will forfeit that lesson from their pre-paid lesson quantity.
  • Cancelling a lesson within 1 hour of the start time will attract a cancellation fee equal to the total value of the cancelled lesson, as our instructors may already be on their way to your lesson.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of your booking will attract a cancellation fee equal to half of the value of the cancelled lesson. Clients with pre-paid lessons will forfeit half of their lesson duration from their pre-paid quantity.
  • Pre-paid clients who forfeit a portion of their lessons may either choose to have the remaining portion of a lesson added to the end of any other remaining lessons, or pay an fee equal to half the standard lesson price when attending their next booking (if no other lessons are available).
  • Students that do not meet the driving conditions, as stated in the “Acknowledgement” and “What you must bring to your lesson” sections will be treated as a no show.

Prep Test Challenge Terms and Conditions 

  • The Prep Test duration is for an 80 minute session at a cost of $90 per session, irrespective of whose vehicle is used (customer car or Force Driving School car – online processing fees apply for online payments).
  • The test will be administered only by Bryan from Force Driving School. No other instructor is authorised to deliver a Prep Test for this challenge. Should a student request that their normal Force Driving School instructor give them a practice test, it will not be valid for the free test reward, unless the instructor is Bryan.
  • Tests will start at the Firle Shopping Centre car park, corner of Glynburn Road and Margaret St. Enter from Margaret St and park in the second row on the left.
  • Alternate meeting locations will be considered on a case by case basis (additional charges may apply).
  • Only one Prep Test may be undertaken per individual unless additional training from a Force Driving School instructor has been performed. A minimum of 5 lessons from a Force Driving School Instructor must be taken prior to a second Prep Test being arranged.
  • Should a student pass a Prep Test, that student will be awarded a VORT test with a Force Driving School examiner at no charge, the equivalent of a $160 test in your own vehicle.
  • If a Force Driving School vehicle is needed to take the test in, then the student will need to pay for the car hire component of the fee only (up to $100 maximum).
  • The free VORT test is to be used within 2 months of the Prep Test date. Failure to request a VORT test within this 2 month period will forfeit the free test. Once an awarded VORT test has been booked, it can not be rescheduled or cancelled, doing so will forfeit the free VORT test.
  • Free VORT tests are non-transferrable and must be used by the person that passed the Prep Test.
  • It is the responsibility of the licence owner to ensure that their licence remains valid and that all required documentation is brought for the test. Force Driving School will not accept any responsibility for tests being declined due to expired licences or missing documentation.